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Our History

Overbrook Tile was started in 1932 by Massimino Belletti and was located in West Philadelphia in the Overbrook section, hence the name.  The office was in Mr. Belletti’s house and the warehouse was around the corner on Haverford Ave.  After WWII, many of the row homes in the area were tiled by Overbrook Tile and at one point, the company had 100 employees tiling homes in the area.

Mr. Belletti’s son John took over the business in the 1950’s.  The company was incorporated in 1966 and the office was moved to the warehouse on Haverford Avenue in the early 1980’s. Mr. Belleti’s son-in-law, Chris George, joined the company in 1973 and took over as president when John retired in 1988. We moved the office to our present location in Bridgeport in 2000 in order to be closer to our work and suppliers. While the location has changed, the name has stayed the same.

Today our work is primarily in the residential market along the Main Line. We do work as small as minor repairs to as large as major housing developments. While our workforce is modest compared to the war years, the work today is more intricate and the customers more demanding. We choose to manage a small workforce in order to continue to provide our customers with the quality workmanship and customer service they demand.